venerdì 4 maggio 2012

Mizar32 goes on sale on

After 3 Years of Development,
Mizar32 is finally on sale with all its module boards.
All inquiry are welcomed, B2C and B2B, end users, Retailers,
Area Distributors, please contact us to obtain this innovative piece of

All of you are welcome to join our team and give your help. Thx to all involved.

sabato 13 agosto 2011

First Batch of Mizar32

The first batch of Mizar32 is built.

Not many units was produced, this was a beta production, to assure that everithing go well with industrial production, since until now only hand soldered prototypes was done of all the revision from v.1.0 to v.1.3. 

After a functional test, since MTM (Mizar32 Test Machine) is not ready yet, it seems that the quality is very good, without defective unit.

To shop the boards pls wait for second batch that will come soon this end of September.

LCD Life

We committed the first full version of a new module for Mizar32 to drive the 16x2 character LCD display on I2C.
Here it is running a demo program, using the 8 user-definable characters to run life in 2x4 characters on a pixel-by-pixel basis :) with the source code here .

The doc page for the new module is to for review.

Comments and suggestions, and code review, are welcome.

giovedì 11 agosto 2011

SimpleMachines to adopt CERN Open Hardware License v.1.1

Starting from september, SimpleMachines Italy will adopt CERN Open Hardware License (OHL) v.1.1 for all its design, old, current and new.

From CERN Press:

In the spirit of knowledge and technology dissemination, the CERN OHL was created to govern the use, copying, modification and distribution of hardware design documentation, and the manufacture and distribution of products. This legal framework will facilitate knowledge exchange across the electronic design community.

A workshop on Open hardware is scheduled to be held in Grenoble on the 9th October 2011, during the 13th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems.

You can review the new License here .